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Shout out to our friends at Swing a Doodle!

April 6, 2023

Shout out to our friends at Swing a Doodle!

iLindy Reporter

Have you heard about Swing a Doodle?

Swing a Doodle is an online shop that makes cool graphic T-shirts by swing dancers, for swing dancers.

As much as we love wearing event t-shirts, sometimes it’s also nice to get a little more artistic. Martynas Stonys is a Lindy Hopper from Lithuania who wanted to be able to express himself as a Lindy Hopper in a more creative way. And so Swing a Doodle was born!

All of the designers are swing dancers themselves, so you can get fashionable t-shirts with drawings related to swing. You can wear them for dancing or for everyday life off the dance floor.

We think you’ll really like the quality as well as the unique designs of the shirts. Every T-shirt is made by demand, right after you order and they ship worldwide.

Here’s how Martynas tells the story in his own words:

“I was always a fan of graphic t-shirt as may daily casual and dance wear. At Lindyshock 2010 I didn’t even bother bringing any shirt or fancier clothes. I brought T-shirt with Batman, Superman, Flash and Green Lantern symbols and danced my ass off every night.

Photo by Slava Bogatov

Now I have t-shirts from events that I go to as a reminder of my experience. My wife is not super happy about it, as I’m wearing festival’s logo’s most of the time. She thinks I’m a walking billboard.

So I’ve been in a conflict for a while – I wanted wear t-shirt that’s swing dance related, but I didn’t have any without a brand or festival logo screaming about it.

So I wanted to create a graphic T-shirt, that would be cool to wear outside swing dance. I created this drawing showing 3 Swing Outs and a Circle in the hand showing OK sign. This doesn’t scream dancing or logo, so non-dancers wouldn’t understand what it’s trying to say, but dancers would think “oh, this is so cool”.

That’s how the first design was born. I wanted it to be available for sale, so created e-shop, which led to the name – Swing a Doodle. Then I understood that I might be not the only one, who would want to wear cool drawing or share my design with others. I reached out to dancers/designer that I knew, and one by one different designs came to Swing a Doodle. Counting 10+ now, but so many more to come as ideas and art doesn’t ever stop.”

We hope you’ll enjoy Swing a Doodle’s creative t-shirts as much as we do! Visit them at and you can also find them on Facebook and Instagram (@swingadoodle).

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