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iLindy is evolving… Join us for the journey!

April 6, 2023

iLindy is evolving… Join us for the journey!

iLindy Reporter

iLindy is evolving… Join us for the journey!


Since its debut in 2016, iLindy has been synonymous with the teaching style of Kevin and Jo. However, the time has come to reimagine and relaunch the site to better support the needs of the global Lindy Hop Community.

After nearly two years of work and countless setbacks – so so so many! – the new platform has launched!

Welcome to the new iLindy! A completely reimagined, multi-teacher platform with an ever-expanding catalog of dancers featuring different cultural backgrounds, ethnicities, sexual orientations, body shapes, and personal styles. 


What does the new iLindy website offer?

  • Brand New Courses for both partner and solo dancing
  • Multiple Teachers with a diverse range of identities, nationalities, and ethnicities
  • New Bands and new songs for you to practice with
  • Internal Community Space for you to interact with other members
  • New Programs for you to follow when you don’t know what to practice
  • My Favorites Section where you can keep your favorite classes one click away
  • New Colors to represent our new vision and identity


What is still the same?

Why we’re doing what we’re doing. iLindy was built on a vision that we could make high-quality dance education affordable and equitable, and that still holds true today. We consider it a privilege to be able to learn from the best instructors the world has to offer and the beauty of an online platform means we can lower the financial barrier to access top-notch education from a wide range of instructors. We are also working with local communities to make it even more affordable based on local currencies. In short, we are creating the same high-level education, and now from a wider range of more culturally competent instructors.


What are some of the new courses?

  • Body Awareness with Agustina
  • Shim Sham Reboot with Tyedric and Viktor
  • LA Style Lindy Hop with Irina and Natalia
  • New Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Solo Jazz courses with Agustina
  • Switch Dancing with Irina and Natalia
  • Rhythm Training with Viktor and Tyedric
  • Follow Alongs with all our new teachers!


What about the old material? 

Previous Kevin and Jo material is no longer available for purchase and is only available on the legacy site through December 2022 for previous patrons. Our focus is forward-facing: all of our time, energy, and heart will go into supporting our international colleagues who are helping shape the future of the dance. We are glad you love the old content and we are sure you will love our evolving content and gain, like we have, skills we didn’t know we were missing!


But the training drills!!! 

Well, that’s not a question, but we understand what you’re saying. Well guess what?! In the last few months, Jo has recorded over 50 new videos of Follow Alongs, Jazz Moves, and Improv games, and re-recorded some of the most popular solo classes such as the solo charleston drills, the spinning and turning courses, and classic jazz routines. You won’t lose those lessons but – insert jo excitement here – it’s a trade off that is well worth it!


So, what now?

To all the students who have had a previous experience with the iLindy, we are thrilled to have been a part of your dance journey and look forward to you experiencing our next evolution. To all our new students, we are looking forward to bringing you high-quality content from the global teaching body!


We truly believe the best way for iLindy to serve the community moving forward is to:

  1. Highlight the range of viewpoints that are present in the community. Remember, there is no “one way” to do Lindy Hop
  2. Spotlight underrepresented voices so we can have deeper and better-informed conversations. 
  3. Champion the many ways to have fun dancing, whether is solo, partnered, with friends of any gender, orientation, or ethnicity 


We have a huge admiration for all the instructors who have participated in making the new iLindy what it is. We value them both as artists and as teachers, and we are sure that you will too!


Welcome to the new ilindy! 


Click here to check out our new content, work on your dancing, and support the new vision… we are sure you are going to love it!

iLindy Reporter

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