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How To Learn Dance With No Dance Classes In Your Area

October 21, 2023

How To Learn Dance With No Dance Classes In Your Area

iLindy Reporter

Are you an aspiring dancer living in a place where dance classes, studios, and communities are as scarce as a unicorn in a desert? Fear not, fabulous friend! So, if you’ve got the will, we’ve got the way! Let’s dive into the world of dance and unleash your inner groove, no matter where you hang your dancing shoes.

You can start dancing on your own by making the most out of the resources you have access to.

Keep reading to learn how to start learning how to dance – wherever you live.

No dance classes? No problem. That doesn’t need to stop you.

Step 1: What music speaks to you?

If you’re going to become a great dancer, you have to love music – it’s the roadmap to dancing, afterall. What genre of music do you hear that makes you want to move? Once you can identify the music, we can determine the style of movement that goes hand in hand with it.

Are you captivated by the sassy and energetic vibe of Hip-Hop, the mesmerizing beats of Latin music, or perhaps the swinging energy of Jazz Era Big Bands? Maybe you’re drawn to the carnival spirit of Brazilian Samba, the propulsive beats of House music, or the romantic allure of Argentine Tango. Whatever it is, let that help guide you towards the movement that is connected to the groove.

Step 2: Research!

Now that you’ve chosen your favorite music style, research the dances that are done to that music genre. For example, if you are into the captivating Swing music from the 1930s, you could learn how to dance Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag, Authentic Jazz, Balboa… There is often more than just one dance style that goes with a certain type of music, which means it’s worth doing your research.. 

Explore your curiosity and check out what’s online about your chosen style! We encourage you to dive deep into the world of youtube, IG and TikTok videos, and get lost discovering amazing dance clips that make you want to get up and dance. After you find the style of movement that makes your heart spark with excitement, it’s time to dive into its history and origins.

For example, if you’re interested in House dance, it’s essential to understand its roots. It emerged in the 1980s, particularly in Chicago and New York, as a street dance style associated with the vibrant house music scene. This style emphasizes fluid movements, footwork, and intricate steps, all synchronized with the infectious beats of house music. If Salsa is your chosen dance style, get acquainted with the fact that it originated in the Afro-Cuban communities of Cuba in the early to mid-20th century, blending elements of traditional Cuban music with influences from jazz, son cubano, and other Latin American rhythms. If you choose to dance Charleston, it’s important to understand its origins within the Black American Gullah/Geechie culture of Charleston, South Carolina. This iconic dance style emerged among the children of the Jenkins Orphanage Band in the early 1900s (for more details, you can read about it here). 

Step 3: Embrace the Online Universe

With top-notch instructors and quality studios out of reach for many, let’s explore the digital realm.

Online learning platforms can be your new best friend when it comes to learning. Aspiring House Dancers can check out Jardy Santiago’s YouTube tutorials on basic House steps, check out Boogie Frantick’s Beginner Popping Program on STEEZY Studio, and VincaniTV has a treasure trove of Breaking and Hip Hop tutorials.

And of course, iLindy has over 100 online classes where you can learn how to warm up your body, Authentic Jazz, The Bop, L.A. Style Lindy Hop, the Cakewalk with Chester Whitmore and more. 

Needless to say, there’s a world of online resources at your fingertips!

Step 4: Dance Party with Friends

If you’ve got friends who share your dance dreams, gather ’em up and take those online classes together. You can even improvise and practice drills as a group. 

Pick a day and time, whether it’s at the park, your garage, your back yard, or living room. Even if it’s just you and one other person, it’s a community of two and that’s a great start!

Step 5: Take a Live Class

I get it; commuting can be a drag. But if you want to elevate your game, trekking to a physical dance class is worth it. You’ll be in an environment designed for optimal training, surrounded by fellow dancers hungry for growth, and guided by professional instructors.

Sure, online learning is fantastic, but nothing beats the real-life dance experience, just like a Zoom call can’t replace face-to-face hangouts. So, save those pennies and block off some time to indulge in in-person classes. Look at it like an act of self-care.


Although the absence of dance classes in your area may require some additional effort, it shouldn’t be viewed as a limitation. Instead, consider it an opportunity to explore alternative avenues of learning and tailor your training to your preferences.

Embracing self-guided learning provides the freedom to dance authentically, without being overly shaped by a specific instructor or a set group of peers. Check out the wealth of available resources and enjoy cultivating your distinctive dance style.

Don’t forget: anytime is a great time to get down! Have fun and keep on learning.

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