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RIP – George Sullivan

April 6, 2023

RIP – George Sullivan

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1955 Harvest Moon Ball Jitterbug Champion, Ruth Sugar Sulivan & George Sullivan | Jitterbug, Harvest moon, George

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We’d like to offer our deepest condolences to the family of Lindy Hop legend George Sullivan.
Mr. Sullivan was born in Augusta, Georgia, and moved to Harlem when he was 13. George started dancing Lindy Hop with his ex-wife, Sugar Sullivan, entering the Harvest Moon Ball after she broke her finger and was abandoned by her partner. They won the Ball in 1955.

“He was one of the best dancers at the Savoy in the 1950’s and in the Savoy Manor era after that. George became one of the great Savoy Ballroom Lindy Hoppers, who with Sugar was known about ‘lightning speed and smooth style of dancing’, and as Sonny Allen puts it: ‘Nobody couldn’t touch George in his prime in dancing’ and ‘this gentleman danced like he was gliding across the floor’.” (source)


He trained 23 Harvest Moon Ball champions and numerous others. We are so grateful for all he contributed to this dance and we hope that as a community we can live up to his legacy and continue to share his story. If you’re interested in learning more about George Sullivan and his dancing career you can listen to his ILHC interview.


According to the World Swing Dance Council,

“George once stressed, It is all about rhythm. Everybody out there in your dance: When you walk, you dance, it’s just when you put something with it, when you are on the floor and enjoy.”

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