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Five Reasons Why Lindy Hoppers Should Learn Tap Dance

September 27, 2023

Five Reasons Why Lindy Hoppers Should Learn Tap Dance

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Lindy Hop, with its origins deeply rooted in the pulsating rhythms of jazz music, is a dance that embodies the very essence of rhythm and improvisation. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to see dancers who become overly focused on moves and what they look like that they inadvertently neglect the crucial aspect of rhythm in their dancing.

What if there was a way to add even more layers of creativity and rhythm to your Lindy Hop? What if we told you that Tap dance can seamlessly complement and elevate your Lindy Hop experience? 

In this article, we’ll delve into the captivating reasons why every Lindy Hopper should seriously consider stepping into the world of tap dance.

1. Rhythm Mastery

One of the most compelling reasons for Lindy Hoppers to learn tap dance is its emphasis on rhythm. Lindy Hop is all about connecting with the music and tap dance provides an excellent platform to develop rhythmic precision. Tap dancers create intricate rhythms with their feet, which can translate seamlessly into Lindy Hop footwork (we promise)!

By learning tap, Lindy Hoppers can become more attuned to different rhythmic patterns in music, making it easier to interpret songs with complex syncopations. This newfound understanding of rhythm allows dancers to play with the music in more creative ways, adding depth and flair to their Lindy Hop.

2. Footwork and Precision

Tap dance is renowned for its intricate footwork and precise movements. Lindy Hoppers can certainly benefit from the discipline and attention to detail that tap dance demands. Tap dancers learn to think it – scat it – dance it, which can be applied to Lindy Hop footwork variations. This increased precision can make your Lindy Hop look cleaner and more polished, in other words, more rhythmical 😀

3. Musicality Amplified

Lindy Hop and Tap Dance share a common foundation in Swing music, which means that learning tap dance can deepen your understanding of swing rhythms and patterns. This enhanced musicality will enable you to connect more intimately with the music while dancing. You’ll be better equipped to express the nuances of the music through your movements, resulting in a more engaging and satisfying dance experience.

4. Expressive Legs and Feet

Tap dancers captivate audiences with their incredible footwork and rhythmical prowess. When you incorporate Tap into your Lindy Hop, you’re opening up a whole new world of expressiveness for your dancing. With these new rhythmical ideas, your overall dancing will gain a newfound groundedness whilst enabling you to infuse your dance with extra flair, whether it’s through perfectly timed rhythmic accents, call and response, or fun and creative footwork variations that will inspire other dancers.

5. Cross-Training Benefits

Cross-training is a holistic approach to dance development that involves learning and practicing different dance forms/techniques to enhance overall skills and versatility. Learning tap dance alongside Lindy Hop can prevent burnout and keep your dance journey fresh and exciting. Tap engages different muscle groups and movement patterns, providing a balanced workout for your body, which can help reduce the risk of injuries and improve overall dance fitness.


Incorporating Tap dance into your Lindy Hop journey is a dynamic and rewarding choice. The rhythmic mastery, precision, musicality, and expressive qualities you gain from tap dance can elevate your Lindy Hop to new heights. It’s a journey that enhances both your dancing skills and your appreciation for the music, making you a more versatile and captivating Lindy Hopper. 

At iLindy, we recognize that Lindy Hop is not just about mastering dance moves but also about deeply understanding and embracing the rhythmic heartbeat that fuels this vibrant dance form. That’s why we’re committed to offering courses that nurture the development of rhythm for Lindy Hoppers. From learning the art of playing the washboard with Lucho Pellegrini to exploring the nuances of soft shoe dancing with Chester Whitmore, we provide our students with unique opportunities to enhance their rhythmic prowess. 

And we have some exciting news for our community – we will soon be launching a comprehensive Tap Dance course with Jovon Miller! This course will provide Lindy Hoppers with a dedicated platform to delve into the world of tap dance and musicality, further enriching their Lindy Hop journey with a rhythmic tapestry of possibilities. At iLindy, we believe that by fostering a deep connection to rhythm, we empower dancers to truly embody the spirit of Lindy Hop, and become more expressive and dynamic dancers.

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