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NEW: 10×14 Program with Jo Hoffberg

April 6, 2023

NEW: 10×14 Program with Jo Hoffberg

iLindy Reporter

Jo is launching a brand new program and you’re invited!

It’s been a tough year and most people have had very little dancing in their lives… but Jo would like to help change that!

Join Jo for:

👉 10 minutes of training a day
👉 14 days
👉 You can do this!

If you haven’t been dancing for a while, we totally get it! It’s been a rough several months. But this is the perfect way to welcome you back.

Rekindle your love of dancing with this manageable two week program.

Kick Off Date: Saturday, September 19th

Every day for 2 weeks, she’ll guide you through 10 minutes of dance training to challenge you both mentally and physically.

Part accountability, part motivation, this program will get you moving, improving your solo movement, and giving you the skills to accelerate your partnered dancing. She’ll make it as easy and as fun as possible.

All you need is 10 minutes and she’ll show you what to do!

👉 Get all the details & SIGN UP HERE

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