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Latasha Barnes Presents THE JAZZ CONTINUUM

April 6, 2023

Latasha Barnes Presents THE JAZZ CONTINUUM

iLindy Reporter

Internationally recognized Black American Social Dance Tradition-Bearer, LaTasha Barnes, presents The Jazz Continuum.

“This new work centers Jazz music and dance as the foundation of globally-celebrated dance forms like House, Hip-Hop, Waacking, Jazz, and Lindy Hop that are not commonly recognized as threads of the same fabric. From August 11-15 on the Henry J. Leir Stage, Barnes and her cast of masterful dancers and musicians will perform this revolutionary work that aims to reconnect Black American dance forms through the music and inherent motivations that sired them.”  

“The Jazz Continuum provides revolutionary contextualization to multiple genres of Black American dance by putting several generations of dancers- including Reyna Núñez, who made her professional debut in Lin Manuel Miranda’s In The Heights film, Frankie Manning Ambassador Tyedric Hill, and former Associate Artistic Director of the Hip Hop Dance Conservatory Ray F. Davis, among others- each deeply well-versed in a different style, in conversation with live Jazz music to reveal their similar roots and interconnected truths.” – Alexa Criscitiello writing for Broadway World.

Video by Nel Shelby Productions

​​”LaTasha Barnes’ ‘Continuum’ is expertly choreographed — the details of the movements and the architecture of the staging clearly drawn — but there is yet an easy-going feeling of improvisation that could slyly belie the work’s formidable structure and the performers’ intense work. It’s at once tightly woven and loosely cozy… it’s a generous, joyful elixir of an experience.” – The Boston Globe (click here to read the full article)

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And be sure to RSVP to watch the digital presentation starting Aug 26! We just did. You can do that here. It will be available to watch online Aug. 26-Sept. 9, whilst the online premiere Aug. 26 at 7:30 p.m. 

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