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We have divided the FAQs into different sections to make it easier for you to find the information you need. If you don't find the answer to your question here, please feel free to contact us for further assistance.
  • What kind of information can I find on your website?

    Our website is dedicated to providing information and resources on dinosaurs, including facts, illustrations, and the latest scientific research.

  • Are the facts on your website reliable?

    Yes, all of the information on our website is backed by scientific research and is regularly reviewed and updated by experts in the field.

  • Can I find information on specific dinosaurs on your website?

    Yes, our website has detailed information on many different species of dinosaurs, including their characteristics, behavior, and extinction.

  • Is your website suitable for children?

    Yes, our website is designed to be educational and appropriate for children of all ages.

  • Do you have information on other prehistoric animals?

    Yes, we also provide information on other prehistoric animals such as pterosaurs and marine reptiles.

  • Do you have interactive features on your website?

    Yes, our website features interactive exhibits, virtual tours, and games to make learning about dinosaurs fun and engaging.

  • Do you have a section for educators?

    Yes, we have a section for educators with lesson plans and other resources to help bring dinosaurs into the classroom.

  • Can I purchase fossils or replica on your website?

    Yes, we have an online store where you can purchase fossils and replica of dinosaurs.

  • Can I visit any real-life exhibitions?

    Yes, we have several traveling exhibitions that visit different locations around the world. You can check the schedule of the exhibitions on our website.

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