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Intro to Swing

Learn the most frequently used basic steps that give Lindy Hop it’s foundation

Intro to 6 Count Swing

Intro to 8 Count Lindy Hop

Intro to Partner Charleston

6 Count, 8 Count and Charleston Transitions

Core Technique

Essential technique to familiarize you with a variety of Lindy Hop dance concepts and vocabulary

Core Fundamentals

Charleston Fundamentals

Spinning Fundamentals

Sliding Fundamentals

The Swing Out

Everything Swing Out. This course is dedicated to the iconic move that gives Lindy Hop it’s unique style and feeling. In  this course we explore variations, stylings and dynamics that will take your swing out from good to unbelievable.

If you are staring from zero or need to brush up on your basic swing out, you will want to study the Intro to Swing Course first.

Figures and Variations – Level 2

Figures and Variations – Level 3

Figures and Variations – Level 4

Swing Out Challenges – Level 3 & 4


This Course covers a number of essential Charleston moves, transitions and contains an entire section on 1920’s Charleston!

If you are starting from zero, or wanting to brush up on your basics, study the Intro to Partner Charleston section in the Intro to Swing course before venturing here.  If you want to focus on movement quality and personal technique, work on your Charleston Fundamentals in the Core Technique course.

For those looking to take their  Charleston even, check out the level 3 “Jazz Band” and level 4 “Changes” Charleston routines in the Choreographies and Routinelettes Course!

Charleston Transitions (Level 2 & 3)

Side by Side Charleston Figures

Tandem Charleston Figures

Charleston Challenges

1920s Charleston Figures


Lindy Hop moves, concepts and technique built upon the foundations in Core Technique and Vocabulary

Turn and Connection Challenges

Slide  Challenges

Musicality, Moves & Miscellaneous Challenges

Solo Jazz

An ample selection of classic Solo Jazz moves categorized by rhythm

Full Time

Jazz steps that use all or mostly full-time rhythm. Weight changes occur on every beat of the music.

Half Time

Jazz steps that change weight every other beat of the music. These moves will challenge your ability to balance whilst playing with the space inbetween the steps. 

Triple Step

These jazz steps incorporate the triple-step rhythm. It can also called a swing triple. It can incorporate full weight changes, touches or kicks. 

4 Count

These jazz steps use approximate one bar of jazz music (4 counts) before making a weight shift. However, there’s plenty of time for complexity of movement.

Multi Rhythm

We recommend starting with single rhythm steps before attempting these, but don’t worry, we won’t send the dance police if you decided to jump right into these moves first.