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10 IG Accounts Every Lindy Hopper Should Follow – Part 1

February 17, 2024

10 IG Accounts Every Lindy Hopper Should Follow – Part 1

February 17, 2024
Gabriela Novellino

Black Culture and Inspiration

If you find joy in seeking dance inspiration through social media, then diving into the world of Lindy Hop on Instagram is a delightful journey! In this article, we are thrilled to introduce you to a curated list of ten must-follow Lindy Hop accounts that will undoubtedly elevate your dance experience. Our selection is thoughtfully crafted, with a special emphasis on pages that celebrate the rich tapestry of Black Culture intertwined with Lindy Hop, ensuring a diverse and inspiring exploration of this dynamic dance form. These ten accounts promise to infuse your feed with rhythm, style, and a celebration of Lindy Hop for your daily dose of knowledge and inspiration.

1. @blackdancehistory

For a daily infusion of Black Dance History on your Instagram feed (a must for Lindy Hoppers!), this is one of the best accounts to follow! Enjoy brief yet informative vintage dance clips with details about the dancers and the video context. A quick, easy way to stay informed and discover key figures in Black Dance history.

2. @blackhistory

Engaging with a Black American art form such as Lindy Hop involves delving into Black American culture and history beyond just the dance. @blackhistory is an excellent account to follow for daily doses of information on this topic. Their page features numerous pictures of Black personalities, each accompanied by context and detailed information.

3. @collectivevoicesforchange

Collective Voices for Change (CVFC) is an international initiative dedicated to fostering a more equitable social fabric within the Jazz dance community. They invite all Jazz practitioners and professionals to join in efforts for positive change, emphasizing the preservation of cultural heritage and active empowerment of Black voices through conversations, education, and anti-racist training. Make sure to follow their page to stay up to date on all of their important events!

4. @tasha_b_va

LaTasha Barnes is one of the most decorated women in the current Lindy Hop community. And she is not just a phenomenal Lindy Hopper but an outstanding dancer overall, leaving a lasting impact on both the Swing and House Dance communities. As the creator of Jazz Continuum, a Bessie Award winner, and a professor at Arizona State University, she is actively involved in significant organizations like the Black Lindy Hopper’s Fund, Frankie Manning Foundation, and International Lindy Hop Championships. Check out her Instagram for inspiring dance clips and glimpses into her lifestyle.

5. @kaninikiiru

Helena is an exceptional dancer, educator, performer, and choreographer, specializing in dances from the Jazz age. In addition to captivating dance clips, her page features insightful views and opinions about the dance, fostering reflection on your own connection to the dance and its roots. A definite must-follow for your feed!

6. @queeendelsol

Rayna, a multifaceted dancer who contributed to LaTasha Barne’s Jazz Continuum, seamlessly blends Jazz and Urban dances. Her account is a must-follow for daily inspiration, offering a diverse showcase of various Black American dance styles.

7. @tyedric_hill

If you’re a Lindy Hopper on planet Earth, chances are you’ve seen Tyedric’s dance videos or taken his classes during his global travels. If you haven’t followed him on Instagram yet, you’re missing out! Tyedric is not just an active, creative, and energetic dancer, but he also shares profound insights into the dance’s culture and origins. His page features fantastic dancing, paired with historical references and crucial messages about preserving the dance’s cultural heritage.

8. @dandywellington

Dandy Wellington, a style activist, offers tips on Black Vintage outfits with a focus on Vintage Style, not vintage values. He actively promotes the upliftment of Black fashion and beauty. His account serves as an excellent resource for references on dressing up in a vintage fashion that is both stylish and respectful towards black culture and history.

9. @raoulwilke

Raoul describes himself as a “a mover/dreamer”, as well as a Jazz disciple and historian. By following his profile, you’ll witness remarkable and inspiring dancing characterized by exceptional quality of movement and a profound connection to the music. Additionally, expect drops of wisdom that seamlessly connect dancing to life itself.

10. @afrolindyhopper

@afrolindyhopper, as he identifies himself, provides a distinctive cultural and historical perspective on Jazz Dance, drawing connections between moves from traditional African Dances and Jazz steps. His page offers valuable insights into both African and Black American culture and dance, highlighting the similarities between them.

Gabriela Novellino

Gabs started dancing in 1995 at four years old and has never stopped. While spending a year abroad in Leeds, UK in 2012, she discovered the dances of the Jazz Age, fell hopelessly in love, and decided to dedicate her life to this passion. She acts as a dancer, teacher, choreographer, researcher, dj and event organizer primarily in Brazil, Chile, and other South American scenes. She specializes mainly in Lindy Hop, Authentic Jazz, 1920s’ Charleston and Collegiate Shag. During the pandemic, Gabs has reinvented herself in order to bring people together through dance in an online format, by hosting online classes, sharing interesting information on social media and organizing big events, such as América Latina Swings. She is also a huge history geek and loves to dig deeper into the roots of Jazz music and dance. As a guest in the culture, she honors the opportunity to share the legacy and culture of Black American artists who created this art form.

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